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results of cancer treatment

February 26, 2012

Where to reach for cancer treatment?  Is it the traditional method of burn, cut, poison, or is it an alternative method where one can find dignity in healing oneself.  In the traditional method, are you being brainwashed that the only treatments can be found in those three methods of treatments or are you going to be open minded and search for an alternative one with photo dynamic therapy with laser?

After much research, we found one place that if one followed the protocol for breast/skin cancer the success rate is extremely high and that is at  Lase Med, Inc. in Tulsa OK.  Dr. Carpenter tells it as it is and her staff provides the necessary communication in handling all that is necessary.

After almost three years after the initial treatment and one follow up visit with her and then following her advice with further treatment methods, I am free of breast cancer.


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  1. brian glynn permalink

    About 2 years ago I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Dr. Carpenter at LaseMed. I had a basal cell carcinoma on the bridge of my nose caused most likely by overexposure in a tanning bed. I knew that the lesion would have to be treated.
    I contacetd a total of 5 phycicians, 2 of which were surgeons. The procedures recommended and the ensuing damage to my nose would be fairly extensive, potentially requiring more than two corrective operations, so I felt obligated to look for alternate treaments,
    Ultimately I would up with Dr. Carpenter in Broken Arrow, OK. I had 3 laser treatments over the course of 3 days and went home. It took months for the lesion to heal and many a skeptic told me that I should go and let some orthodox praticioner take over. Thank God I didn’t follow their advice.
    I am grateful to Dr. Carpenter for her steadfastness and her pioneering spirit. We need more people like her. Keep up the good work, Dr. Carpenter!

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